Jack Harries Imagine For Stella


Jack and I have been dating for 6 months and tonight was our anniversary. He was always romantic when it came to anniversary’s. Jack didn’t tell me what or where we were going, every time I asked he would just wave his finger side-to-side in my face. I never really thought how lucky I was to have Jack all to myself. Girls were always throwing themselves at him, but he picked me, a girl who made him work for my love, and he sure did win over my heart. I don’t know what made me fall in love with him. Maybe it was his green eyes, his smile, the way he tries to be serious but can’t hold in a laugh.

“Hey, Stella. Can you come down here a sec?” Jack yelled from downstairs. “Hold on. I’m putting on skinny jeans. Ugh! Dammit!” “Are you okay, babe? Do you need help?” “Forget it. I’m putting on shorts. Screw this.” I walked downstairs to Jack on the phone. Jack pressed the phone to his shoulder, “Finn wanted to know if we could go see a movie with him tonight? I know it’s our anniversary tonight but Finn has been really depressed since him and you-know-who broke up.” I didn’t want to go but I guessed since Finn needed comforting from Jack I might as well, “Oh yeah. Of course. What time?” “Uh….7 I think.” Jack hung up the phone and went to get ready since it was close to 6 and we lived far away from the theater. I did my hair down and wore a plaid shirt like the one Jack was wearing. After about 10 minutes of waiting for Jack he was finally ready to go. He hurried down the stairs, “How’s my hair?” “Looks better than mine. Now come on or we’re going to be late!” I told Jack. Jack grabbed his coat and keys and headed to the car. Jack started the car and held my hand the whole way. He kept turning and smiling at me the whole time. Finn had already bought our tickets and popcorn and candy. We were going to see Now You See Me, the movie about the magicians. The previews were the most boring part before watching a movie. Finn left right before the movie started, before he left he winked at Jack, I didn’t understand but didn’t really care. The movie had surprises the whole time and Jack and I couldn’t stop laughing at the couple in front of us who were sucking each other’s faces rather than watching the movie. After the movie ended Jack and I went back to our house but first Jack put a blindfold on me. “Jack, what are you doing? Don’t tell me you burned down the house.” “I didn’t. Just walk.” I heard the front door open and I walked in. I still had no idea what I got myself into. “Okay, Stella. Take it off.” I took off the blindfold to find that Finn had left to decorate the whole house with twinkle lights and candles and roses. “Oh my god, Jack. I thought you weren’t going to do anything.” I was still in shock. “How could I forget the day I fell in love with you 6 months ago? I still fall in love with you everyday. I love you, Stella.” Jack wrapped his arms around my waist as Don’t Let Me Go by: Harry Styles started to play. Jack laid his head next to my ear and whispered the words softly into my ear. We swayed back and forth in the middle of the living room. “I love you, Jack.” “I love you, too.” Jack planted a small but passionate kiss on my lips and smiled against my lips. I wouldn’t change anything in my life with Jack.

Hope You Liked It!~Annie

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